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Keep Your Kids Fit & Healthy With Our Virtual Academy

Mom & Dad,

Are you dealing with any of the following:

1. How to fill your child's days with constructive activities?
2. Kid's have too much unstructured time?
3. Is your child mentally stressed and can't deal with it?

Letting the digital babysitting take over is easy but can lead to destructive habits built up over time. Let us take some of the burden off of your shoulders and at the same time enforce discipline, structure and boost confidence and self-esteem!

Our virtual martial arts academy can deliver all of these life skills and more.

It is our mission to help create confident leaders by delivering excellent in martial arts training.

Parents have so much on your plate you do not need one more thing to worry about! Let Legends Martial Arts help you empower your child and equip them with skills to handle adversity in life.

Happy & Healthy @HOME

All the advantages of martial arts training from the comfort of your home.

Our virtual training curriculum offers character development and life-skills while keeping them active! Kids will listen to us and we instill the same values you deliver.

VIRTUAL Martial arts improves physical healtH

Physical movement is an essential element of good health no matter what age you are. Kids thrive with at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. When not in school this may be difficult to achieve in a structured way.

Our Virtual martial arts program provides this structured and demanding program that kids crave to feel good about themselves.

If you make physical fitness a priority your childs overall health will start to improve. This should lead to an increase in confidence, self-esteem, and attitude as they begin to feel better.


Kids can suffer from stress just like adults, though it comes out in different ways. It is important that they learn how to manage anxiety so it becomes a solid coping mechanism.

It is no secret that the more exercise you get the better you feel mentally. As the body releases the mental stress through physical activity this calms and eases the mind. Children who get less, or not enough exercise are more likely to build up anxiety and unreleased stress which comes out as bad behavior most often.

Our Virtual martial arts classes incorporate activities that focus on the mind-body connection. This is something that can help kids feel grounded mentally and emotionally.

What ARE Parents Saying:

You guys are amazing! Delivering such engaging and fun classes! Our kids can't wait to join when it gets close to class time.


My whole family trains at Legends Martial Arts and having this program continue through these difficult times has been amazing. My kids and family get something to do together in our house.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements for online training?

We deliver our online classes via Zoom, which is a free application available for every current device, tablet and computer. A device like a tablet is a better choice due to built in camera. An internet connection of course is also needed.

Can these classes really be fun and deliver these life skills?

Being parents ourselves we know how to engage children and keep them entertained while delivering life lessons. All of our classes follow the same structure so as they get used to the flow it is easier to focus and learn.

Do we require need any special training equipment to attend virtual classes?

No! We have a lot of fun substituting in things like pillows, stuffed animals and even spatulas! If you would like to buy official equipment you can.

Does my child need to have previous experience or be in good physical condition to enroll in martial arts classes?

No! We have classes for all skill levels so no matter what their experience level is, they can benefit from our classes.

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Tamsma A.
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I love the leadership training. Great for the kids to stand in front of parents & other students to test. Builds self-confidence and self-esteem. My child had a hard time focusing in kindergarten. She has now learned how to focus among many other things.
Valle K.
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Your training provides a sense of discipline, goals to achieve and a sense of accomplishment. Every time a star is earned or the next rank acquired. Our son has become more responsible and more apt to be helpful. He's always trying to do something for a good deed check mark or note!



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